Regular Men's Manicur       $20

Deluxe Men's Pedicure    $37

Gel Manicure                         $30
Our Gel Polish Manicure service consist of our original manicure service, natural nails are prepped for gel polish. Polish is cured inside a LED light. Gel Polish dries right away and stays chip free for two weeks. $28 without take-off.

Deluxe Gel Manicure             $38
Pamper yourself with an extra massage session with an addition of a mix of sea salts and oils. The scrub helps soften dull skin and seals in moisture. A hot towels is placed over your hands and massaged. Finished off with your polish color of choice.

Allure Gel Manicure        $43
With the inclusion of the Signature Manicure, a smoothing mask and massage is included with a hot towel wrap included afterwards. This is the perfect facial for your pampered manicured hands. Finished off with your polish color of choice.

Dipping Powder              $50
An acrylic overlay that provides stronger, lightweight and natural long-lasting nails that won't damage the nail bed. Think of it as the level of staying power in-between gel polish and acrylic nails.

Deluxe Pedicure(35min)           $40
With Gel                   $50
An inclusion of a lavender scrub that exfoliates the legs from the knee down. This service helps pamper your legs and feet, and seals in the moisture, keeping your legs and feet soft and glowing. This service ends with a moisturizing massage with a hot towel.

Allure Pedicure(42min)      $42
With the inclusion of the Signature Pedicure, A moisturizing mask is included, finished with a hot towel wrap around the mask. This is a perfect facial for your legs and feet. Finished off with your polish color of choice.

Hot Stone Pedicure(60min) $60
The Hot Stone pedicure includes the Allure Pedicure with the addition of the paraffin treatment of the legs and feet. Warm, smooth rocks are placed on the legs, this helps loosen stressed muscles, ending with a  hot towel wrap and finished off with your choice of polish.
Gel on Toes                               $15
Gel on Hand                               $10
Nail Arts                                $15+
French Gel                                $15
Coffin Shape                             $5
Cut down                    $3+
take off acrylic/gel      $10+                

****Additional Services**** ****Available****  
****Upon Request****


Dear Value Customer:

When you are getting nail art design. Please show us the design whether it is from the web, Instagram, Facebook, or picture from a friend when possible and get a quote of the price before we start doing your nails. This will help us serve you better and understanding of the price(s) when you are ready to cash out. Also, there have been price change to our services. If you have questions please ask us and we are more than happy to answer you!


Acrylics are perfect for short and brittle nails. They have a custom fit to your nail bed and your choice of length. It is durable and low maintenance and perfect for growing out natural nails.

Gel Acrylic Full-set (short nails)                      $50.00 (include shaping & Gel)

Gel Acrylic Fill Ins   (short nails)                    $35.00

Pink & White

Pink & White is a classic and clean way for your nails. It has a non-yellowing formula and the pink powder is used for the nail bed while the white powder is for the edges.

Full Set (Pink & White)           $55.00

Fill Ins (Pink & White)            $45.00

Pink Fill Only                           $28.00

UV  Gel

UV  gel is the most natural looking appearance instead of acrylics. It is the most durable and another perfect choice for growing out natural nails.

UV Gel Full-set                     $60.00

With white tips                      $65.00

UV Gel Fill in Pink               $45.00

Princess and Prince  Services

Princess and Prince Gel Manicure         $20.00

A Children's Manicure includes the clean up of cuticles, nail trimming, shaping and buffing to perfection. Finished off with a lotion massage and lastly topped off with your polish color of choice.

Princess and Prince Pedicure         $30.00

A Children's Pedicure includes the cleanup of cuticles, nail trimming, shaping and buffing to perfection. Finished off with a lotion massage and a hot towel.  Lastly topped off with your polish color of choice gel or regular polish.

Princess/Prince  Manicure & Pedicure Combo       $50.00


Eyebrows         $10.00                                                                                                                                           Upper Legs        $50.00+

Upper Lips      $8.00+                                                                                                                                           Lower Legs        $50.00+

Chin                 $10.00+                                                                                                                                         Half Arms          $45.00+

Sideburns        $14.00+                                                                                                                                         Full Arms           $50.00+

Full Face          $40.00+                                                                                                                                        Under Arms        $20.00+

Chest or Back  $50.00+                                                                                                                                        Bikini                   $35.00+

Full Legs           $60.00+                                                                                                                                       Brazilian              $60.00+

*some restrictions may apply, please ask for details.


Additional Services

Eyebrow Tinting      with wax $30


Eyelash Tinting                        $16.00

Eyelash Extension (Appointment Only)   Call for Consultation

We Host Parties 

We accommodate parties for weddings, birthdays, and other events. Call or Ask for details.

Allure Spa Nails Guarantee:

  1. Respect Your Business and Valuable Time: We are diversified and welcome any customers into our salon. We welcome Walk-ins as first come first serve basis, however, appointments takes priority during the weekdays. Weekend we no longer take appointments and walk-ins only.
  2. We Care for You and Will Listen: If you have an issue or concern please let us know right away. Alternatively, you can email us confidentially at
  3. Customer Service Guarantees: For Acrylics we have a 3 days policy where we will fix your nails for free, and Gel Nail is 3 days guarantee.  SORRY NO REFUNDS! Sales & services are final!
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